iFi 6922 Tube Kit
iFi 6922 Tube Kit

iFi 6922 Tube Kit

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Glorious Tube Sound for Less: Low-Noise iFi NOS 5670 Vacuum Tubes Are Computer-Matched and Thermally Revived Versions of Military-Grade 6922/6DJ8 Tubes, Work With 6922 Audio Components

iFi's NOS 5670 vacuum tubes are compact, super-low-noise versions of 6922/6DJ8 tubes. Computer-matched and thermally revived, each pair of these GE military tubes sounds glorious and is priced much lower than many other "boutique" NOS-type tubes. Every pair also includes machine-fabricated adapters that reduce heater-supply noise and ensure great fit in any 6922 audio component. Change out your 6922 tubes today and hear the difference!

Derived from the Famous NOS General Electric 5670 Tubes

The 6922 tube/valve is one of the most famous 'dual triode' designs ever made. First introduced by Western Electric in 1946, General Electric (and several other tube/valve manufacturers) followed with its own premium version of 6922 for the next several decades. This range had controlled warm-up and tight specifications on grid-current, noise, and microphony. They produced significantly smoother and more organic sound qualities. While a 9-pin design was used, the electrical pin outs changed. As such, GE5670 was not a straight 'drop-in' substitute for the 6922. So the GE5670 remain unloved and unused until 2014, when iFi introduced the iTUBE tube buffer/preamplifier. Customers really liked the GE5670 in the iTUBE but wanted more. Yet because of the different electrical pin configuration, the GE5670 remained a non-starter. iFi's solution was to machine-fabricate a special ceramic adapter with a miniature capacitor circuit to bring down the heater supply circuit noise.

Factory-Installed Adapters Allow 5670 to Fit 6922 Audio Components
Factory installed, the GE5670 + Adapter work as one (they cannot and should not be separated under any circumstances). The shorter GE5670 plus the taller adapter equates to virtually the same height (tolerance within ~1mm from tube to tube). Therefore, there should be no physical limitations when installing the NOS 5670 tube set in any 6922 component.

Every Tube Specially Rejuvenated for NOS Military-Level Performance
General Electric manufactured the GE5670 from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Hence each valve is at least 30 years old or more. This extensive length of time in storage means one should adopt a special temperature- and time-controlled oven 'baking' procedure to gently 'rejuvenate' each and every valve. If they were just powered up after such a long time in storage, it would weaken their internal architecture and shorten their life span. With iFi's special rejuvenation process, GE5670 is brought back to life to continue the NOS military level of performance.

Hand-Selected and Computer-Matched for Optimal Sound
Each valve is hand-selected and inspected to ensure the internal structure has not been compromised by the long storage. They are then burned-in for 48 hours before matched by computer. This process ensures each and every pair is perfectly matched and prepared for hours of usage.

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